First Time RVers ( Our Love of Nature )

1st RV Camping Trip: Fort Desoto ( 11/27-28/2018 )

Our first trip was on Tuesday, November 27, 2018, to Fort Desoto Park Campground. This is at the Southern most tip of St. Petersburg, Florida. This turned out to be the first cold front coming to Central Florida with a strong wind. We left mid-afternoon because of the problems associated with being inexperienced with the hooking up process of a travel trailer. This gave us 2 ½ hours to get to and set up at the campsite before dark. It took 2 hours to get there from Lakeland due to heavy traffic from I-4 to 1-275.

Tom had white knuckles after fighting the wind the whole time ( especially over Howard Franklin Bridge) and to find out later Sunshine Skyway bridge was closed due to high wind. Registration was quick and easy due to the great people. Backing in was a breeze due to the nice wide long and flat spot ( Site #99)

The campsite was great, crushed shell, flat solid and leveled with the wide island of trees and bushes in between campsites for privacy. The bathroom and shower were close and clean. Staff was constantly checking the bathroom and campsites making sure everything is clean and safe. Our campsite # 99 is right on the inlet water and have a beautiful view. Each campsite has its own barbecue; a fire pit can be rented at the campground store. We brought our own fire pit from home and just bought the wood there.

Even we were there for a very short period; we met many friendly campers including a couple from Tallahassee who toured us in their beautiful class A motorcoach who said they toured the country and said that Fort Desoto is one of the most beautiful campgrounds…. Great Choice for us as a 1st time Rvers. I came back to work happy and relaxed the next day.

2nd RV Camping Trip: Back to Fort Desoto ( 12/8-10/2018 )

Things we learned from the 1st camping trip made this trip even better. We balanced the load inside the travel trailer towards the front which made the trailer more stable on the road. Tightened the anti-sway bar more and by watching more videos we learned to lift the hitch higher by putting more woods under the jack to where we keep our RV. It was easy to hook-up the load-leveling hitch and gave us better gas mileage.

We arrived at the campground at around 1 pm and as usual, registering was in and out. The same from the last stay we were at campground two which is pet-friendly and on campsite # 97.

Differences between sites 99 (1st trip campsite) and 97 are that site 97 is right across the bathroom, has trees perfectly spaced for a hammock but both have stunning water views with a beautiful sunset.

The campground parking pass will allow you to access Fort Desoto’s park amenities. We checked out to the dog park, dog beach, East Beach, and North Beach areas. Arrowhead Picnic & Fishing area is secluded and so peaceful and quiet when we were there. However, it was kind of cool after a rainy morning.

We had a great time as well as our two dogs; I wished I could stay there longer, however even with those few days made a big difference. My husband, Tom told me since we got the RV, my frown lines disappeared and much happier. By the time I get back to work, I feel that job tasks of being a wound care/ostomy nurse get simpler and very manageable to tackle.  As backed by many peer-reviewed articles, being in nature will bring a more positive emotional response.

4 thoughts on “First Time RVers ( Our Love of Nature )

  1. I’m so glad that my neighbors are enjoying the RV. You both deserve it. Enjoy every moment together to the max and make memories.


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