Moonrise Resort, Floral City, Florida June 21-23,2019

 Once again I was able to get an extended weekend off so RVing we will go. This time we set our sights on a chain of lakes in Floral City at Moonrise Resort on Tsala Apopka Lake. We also chose it to take advantage of their pontoon boat half-day rental for only $80.00, which unfortunately did not happen.

 We went online to fill the application on the tenth of June and called to confirm and were able to get the lakefront spot that we wanted. They did not accept credit cards but took a check being mailed as their normal procedure. We sent $80.00 check on Tuesday good for our two nights stay, and by Saturday we received back our receipt and confirmation. Any communication with them was responded quickly by Claudia, the manager.

 On Friday, the twenty-first, we prepped the RV and were on the road by eleven in the morning, we used our favorite route ninety-eight up to Brooksville, where we made a right turn onto Broad st., which is route forty-one about fifteen miles, then a few quick turns and we were there. That was our first time on that stretch of route forty-one, and it was a road of rolling hills, two lanes and tree-lined, just what I like.

When we got to our pull-through campsite (#13), we found it to be right between one of their waterfront cabins and the boat launch ramp; can’t get any more waterfront than that. We parked the RV on a grassy fairly level spot with a new ten by twenty concrete pad right next to it. This is a self-service RV park where registration upon arrival was not required, and just park once you find your RV site.

As usual, Tom took care of the outside, and I took care of the inside setting up. Tom had a little problem hooking up the sewer line but after calling Claudia for advice; she put her husband Allen on the line, and he quickly came down and resolved the issue.

In talking to Allen, he discovered that their two pontoon boats were out of service, which he was very unhappy about since that was one of the main reasons we chose to stay there. I also think they could have done a better job of letting us know ahead of time. There were other places to rent on the lake, but at the last minute, of course, they were booked already.  

WWII Veteran; Ike

 That evening we were able to get our usual pictures of the waterfront and fishing pier. We always meet some of the nicest and most interesting people while RV camping. One of these people that I was privileged to talked to was a nice elderly gentleman named Ike; he was a WWII veteran and spent most of the war in the Philippines.

He knew more about the Philippines than I did, and yet I was born and grew up there. Amazing what you can learn about people when you take the time to be friendly and talk to them. We enjoyed a relaxing evening and woke up early to catch the sunrise.

Since boating was no longer in our plan for Saturday, we had to find something else to do. We discovered Fort Cooper State Park just a couple miles up the road. Again we found ourselves in a state park where we had the place almost exclusively to ourselves; and our dogs. Everything was so nice, new and clean.

At the entrance, the park ranger graciously gave treats to our puppies. This park is full of early Florida and Indian history. You’ll get a lesson just by reading the sign posted near the playground. The Withlacoochee State Trail also goes thru this park.

 We headed back to the resort to enjoy our fantastic waterfront campsite to relax and have dinner. Sunday morning was another early day of sunrise picture taking and getting ready to leave.

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