About Us

My name is Annabelle, and my husband is Tom, we live in Lakeland (Central Florida). Tom is retired while I still have about 19 years to wait to enjoy the full retirement benefit. I cannot wait that long to savor and blend with nature on a regular basis. As a full-time RN working at least 40 hours per week in the hospital, I tried to avoid to push my limits at work. I love my job very much and to keep me more motivated and energetic—RV camping is the answer.

We started exploring the beautiful sceneries in Florida in 2010, the same year we moved from New York. There are tons of natural attractions and theme parks to visit, and yes we had enjoyed every place we explored. From beaches, lakes, state parks, county parks, friends acreage backyards, wildlife encounters and more. As the years go by, we felt the need to stay at least a day or more to these beautiful, serene places with our two beautiful dogs on my days off. That’s one of the reasons why we came up with the idea of getting an RV

We are both new to RVing and blogging. The idea of Rving has been in our minds for years now but never thought we have the finances to do it, not until we went to an RV show in November 2018 in Tampa and found this small home on wheels. So now I am enjoying my short days off and hope to let others know what joy it brings to us and how doable it is for anyone considering but procrastinating their first move–RV there yet???